Simple Weather

Simple Weather is a concept that provides clear, relevant weather information.
1. Instant location-based weather
Using location detection, you will find current local weather conditions instantly upon opening the page without the need to enter zip code, city, state, or country. 
2. Share immediately
With 140 character weather summaries for every location, every day, you can immediately Tweet your weather forecast or brag to your Facebook friends. 
3. Kissably clean information
You just want the weather, no distractions. We've stripped away all unnecessary clutter from the interface to provide you with only the information you need. And we've made it super-readable at a glance.
4. Quick 60-hour forecast
The most accurate 60-hour weather forecast is available right up front. Chart highs, lows, and conditions at a glance in an easy-to-read graph. Who plans 10-days in advance anyway? 
5. Need more?
If that's not enough, 5-day forecasts, 10-day forecasts, and local radar are just a flick away. All designed with absolute clarity and brevity.